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Luo Tong has been producing and directing documentary content since 2002. She has been the driving force behind a number of successful independent films, including A Farewell Song (2007), The Poseidon Project (2013) and A City Sets Sail (2022).

She produced the acclaimed and award-winning documentary The Six (2021) which tells the story of the Chinese survivors of RMS Titanic. Executive produced by Academy Award winner James Cameron, The Six picked up prizes at major festivals around the world, including Vancouver International Film Festival, Beijing International Film Festival and the Chinese Academy Awards For Documentary Film. It has been theatrically distributed and broadcast in China, Japan, Australia, Europe and UK, and received positive reviews in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and The Guardian.

She is the founder of LostPensivos Films, one of Shanghai’s leading documentary production houses, working with partners including APTN, BBC, ITV, NPR, APM, Discovery Channel and NatGeo.

IMDb: 2519045


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Arthur Jones is an award-winning British filmmaker based in Shanghai, and is the director of the acclaimed documentary The Six (2021). His work also includes The Poseidon Project and A Farewell Song, the latter of which was backed by Channel 4’s BritDoc foundation and won the Special Jury Prize for Documentaries at the Syracuse International Film Festival. He has made commissioned films for Raffles, Special Olympics and Shanghai Disneyland, and regularly directs for NatGeo, BBC and Discovery. He was the China correspondent for the Hollywood film magazine Variety.

IMDb: nm2445017


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